Lower top drive valves

5,000 psi, 10,000 psi & 15,000 psi

Intended for using as part of the upper power drive system for prompt overlap and pressurization of the drilling instrument tube channel in drilling the oil and gas wells, and also in maintenance and emergency works. (Manually operated).

provides a closure to stop mud loss when the kelly is disconnected from the drilling string. Just close the valve before disconnecting and mud in the kelly and hoses stays there. With the cost of oil mud, biopolymers and other costly drilling fluids, the valve can pay for itself quickly. The rig floor and substructure stays much cleaner and safer as well.

Kelly valve Cargo capacity kN (tf) Length OD ID Coupling thread API 7 Weight
KSHZ-152R1-02 4000 (400) 1.72ft /
523 mm
7 3/8"/
187.5 mm
2 15/16"/
75 mm
6 5/8 Reg 170 lbs/
77 kg



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